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Advice For Buying Wedding Rings

Brereton Jewellers have 100 years of engagement ring and wedding ring experience with the largest selection of wedding rings in the country. Our wedding rings are available in all types of precious metals including white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum. It’s always best to buy a wedding ring from a jewellers that specialises in wedding rings as it is a complex purchase, especially when it comes to a diamond set wedding band. Below are some key questions to keep in mind when shopping for wedding rings.

Should the metals of an engagement ring and wedding ring match?

Yes. Choosing a wedding ring made of the same metal as your engagement ring is important in the long run. Metals have different levels of hardness. If the metal in the engagement ring is harder than the wedding ring then it will slowly wear aware the softer metal so match platinum with platinum and 18ct gold with 18ct gold. 

What about the style of diamond setting? 

If your engagement ring has diamonds set into the band we would recommend to choose a wedding ring where the diamonds are set in the same way. It makes the rings look like they are a pair. 

Do gents and ladies wedding rings have to be in the same metal?

No. Some couples believe that if the ladies engagement ring is in one particular metal that both the wedding rings should be made in the same metal. This isn't necessary. Different metals suit different skin tones so by allowing flexibility in the choice of metal both the bride and groom-to-be can select a metal that is best suited for their individual needs.

I have to wear my wedding ring by itself for work. What do you recommend?

Some people cannot wear their engagement rings in work because they work in the medical industry or with machinery. The vibrations of machines that people work with on a daily basis can be damaging to an engagement ring. This means that the wedding ring is worn by itself for long periods of time. We would recommend a wedding ring that matches an engagement ring but also looks well by itself.

Custom shaped wedding rings, yes or no? 

We would advise not to choose a custom-shaped wedding ring unless you really need to. A lot of clients want their wedding ring and engagement ring to sit perfectly together which is completely understandable. The issue in reality is that a wedding ring designed to fit around shallow grooves in an engagement ring will not have sufficient grip to stay in position in everyday life. Thus you pay a premium to have a custom-made wedding ring but it does not stay in place in day-to-day life. In order for the wedding ring to stay in position it requires the engagement ring to have a large ridge to grip to as the finger flexes and relaxes. We would recommend to choose a wedding ring that sits as closely as possible to the engagement ring. If there is a small gap you stop noticing it after a couple of days.

How much time do I need before my wedding to arrange my wedding ring?

Leave plenty of time. Although we have the largest selection of wedding rings in the country we do not carry every wedding ring in every size. Wedding rings can be adjusted one to two sizes but if they have diamonds set in them or have a pattern or design running through the ring then it can be difficult to size. We recommend ordering wedding rings at least two months in advance of a wedding in order to reduce unnecessary stress!

When should I try my wedding ring on?

Naturally you can try your ring on in store before you buy but sometimes people are quite warm or cold when they choose a wedding ring. Your finger size will vary depending on your body temperature. Once you purchase your wedding rings you should try them on in the comfort of your own home to make sure the wedding ring fits.

What about sizing my wedding ring?

Your finger will be smaller in the winter and larger in the summer. Try to avoid what we call “seasonal sizing” -- choose a size that is comfortable all year round. Continuous sizing is not good for a wedding ring.

I'd like to engrave my wedding ring, is that OK?

Of course. Some clients like to engrave each other’s names and the wedding date on the inside of their wedding rings. Always try on the wedding ring before you have it engraved as adjusting the size after a ring is engraved can be difficult.

I'm not sure what style of wedding ring to choose...

We generally recommend that people choose a simple or classic design. Wedding rings are worn for a very long time and nobody wants to get tired of their wedding ring! A lot of people choose unusual styles but it’s important to give this some thought before you make your final choice.

More questions? Get in touch!

We'd be happy to answer any further questions you might have or set up an appointment for you to come and view some wedding rings with us. Feel free to get in touch by email at