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Eighth Wedding Anniversary

Since early times pottery has been the vessel that has carried water to the home. Water is the underlying theme of the eighth year of marriage. Water is strong, enduring, and giving of life. It adapts and changes to circumstances: although there may be a bump in the road the flow continues on. Practical, elegant, stylish, and unique, today pottery brings with it the symbolic meaning of home and family. 
The eighth year anniversary flower is the Lilac which represents a time of looking back. It symbolises first love and rebirth.
Tourmaline is the gemstone for this anniversary year. Tourmaline comes in a wide range of plain and mixed colours. One beautiful colour mix tourmaline is the Watermelon tourmaline. It is green on the outside and a pink on the inside. It is believed that it has strong healing properties. To view our collection of tourmaline jewellery please contact us at or browse our website.
Gift Ideas 
  1. Buy a flower pot full of lilac flowers to represent the eighth anniversary year. 
  2. If you feel crafty, go to a pottery class together and make or paint some pottery.