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Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary


Only one gift can rightly capture the crowning achievement of lifelong love: gold.  Symbolising prosperity, strength, and wisdom, it represents the essence of what a fifty-year marriage should be.

Gold is the stone for this anniversary year. Due to its colour and sheen, gold was associated with the sun, gods, immortality and wealth. Now it is seen as beauty, wealth and strength. In ancient Greece gold was a metal that was precious to the gods, so precious that they were dressed in gold. 

This year’s anniversary flowers are yellow roses and violets. This is the only anniversary celebrated with two different flowers. Yellow and purple are complimentary colours just as you and your spouse are complimentary.

We have a large range of gold pendants, rings, earrings and bracelets. To view our collection of gold jewellery, please contact us at

Gift Ideas

1. Jewellery

2. Bouquet of yellow and purple flowers

3. Buy a pair of tickets to an event and wrap them in gold ribbon