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First Wedding Anniversary


The first year of marriage is like a fresh piece of paper: a new start in life is about to begin. Paper can be both strong and fragile. Each paper fibre interlaces together to create strength but paper can also tear or disintegrate easily if conditions aren't right.

Paper is a symbolic representation of communication, meaning that plenty of talking and sharing of each other's needs will promote greater understanding between a couple in this first year of marriage. A paper gift is a reminder that love needs looking after. It shows the willingness that's needed to care for and listen to each other in the years to follow.

The first year anniversary flower is a Carnation which symbolises the commitment and joy of the coming years. Pink carnations represents a woman's love for another person.

Gold is a precious metal but it is still considered to be the "gemstone" for this year. Our latest gold jewellery collection can be found here on our website.

Gift Ideas

  1. Purchase tickets for a movie, sports event, concert or theatre.
  2. Create an anniversary journal to record your memories of future anniversaries.
  3. Create a personalised photo calendar for the first year of marriage.