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Fortieth Wedding Anniversary


Symbolising love and passion, the ruby is one of the most desired gemstones of all. Within the heart of this stone is thought to lie a flame of fire that grows brighter with each passing year, just like the flame of a forty year marriage.

This year’s anniversary flower is a Gladioli which is unique and radiant flower that brightens up any room just like the ruby gemstone.

Early cultures cherished rubies for their resemblance to the redness of the blood and believed that rubies held the power of life. Ruby has accumulated an amount of stories over the centuries with Europeans believing rubies guaranteed health, wisdom, wealth and love. In Burma, warriors had rubies to make them unbeatable in battle. But it wasn’t enough to just wear the rubies, they had to insert them into their flesh and make them part of their bodies.

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Gift Ideas

1. Jewellery

2. Bouquet of red roses