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The Garnet family comes in many different colours and each stone has their own characteristics. 

Almandite Garnet: This is possibly the most recognisable gem from the Garnet family. It has a deep, strong red hue sometimes brownish to reddish purple. 

Demantoid Garnet: This electric, lively green garnet first came to the market in the late 19th century when it was discovered in Russia. It's supply is limited, although new sources in Namibia have recently been found. The stones found in the Ural Mountains in Russia are generally of exceptionally quality.  They have a beautiful lime green colour.  

Hessonite Garnet: With it's warm, spicy brownish yellow and orange colour, Hessonite Garnet is lovingly known as cinnamon stone. 

Pyrope Garnet: Also known as bohemian Garnet, the name pyrope derives from the Greek word pyropos meaning "fiery-eyed".  This name suits the gem perfectly as the finest colour for this gem is deep red followed by medium reddish orange and purplish red. 

Rhodolite Garnet: Another Red garnet, Rhodolite is a mixture between Almandite and Pyrope, it's colour ranges from light to dark purplish red and it's the best selling Garnet after Almandite. 

Spessartite Garnet: This type of Garnet offers an unique colour range from bright and spritely orange to medium/dark yellow and orange. The name comes from Spessart, Germany which was once it's main source.  

Tsavorite Garnet: Introduced to the world in the 1970's, Tsavorite Garnet has become the most sought after and dearest of all the garnets, due to it's beautiful, exotic green colour which ranges from light to dark. Unfortunately supply is limited.  

Sources: USA, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Tanzania, Burma (Myanmar), Zimbabwe.

Hardness: 6.5-7.5 on Mohs scale

Toughness: Fair to good. 

Garnet is the birthstone for January. 

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