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Jewellery Cleaning

Jewellery cleaning is an integral part of owning jewellery.  Over the course of time dust and dirt get lodged in jewellery and behind gemstones.  When jewellery is in this condition the metal can look dull and the gemstones appear lifeless.  Many people think that when their jewellery is like this that the items have just become old and nothing can be done.  The opposite is in fact the case; a simple clean and polish can have most jewellery looking like the day it was purchased.

We recommend that once a year you bring your jewellery to one of our three stores to have them checked and cleaned. This complimentary service for jewellery purchased from Brereton Jewellers revitalises your jewellery and also allows use to check the pieces for wear and tear.  

Jewellery can be cleaned at home, with the exception of pearls and emeralds, with warm soapy water and a soft brush. Make sure to rinse the jewellery afterwards and dry with a soft cloth. Alternatively you can use a Brereton Jewellers.  "Jewellery Cleaning Kit" available from any one of our three stores.  Pearls and emeralds should only be cleaned by a trained professional.  

In regard to pearl necklaces and bracelets we recommend that the stringing be checked once a year.

Please remember to store your jewellery separately as they can become scratched by other pieces of jewellery. A selection of jewellery boxes are available from Brereton Jewellers which have individual sections for safe storage.

Feel free to drop our two stores on Capel Street or O'Connell Street or contact us by e-mail at should you have any questions.