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Second Wedding Anniversary


The second year of marriage brings a couple closer together. Like the interwoven fibres of cotton the marriage becomes increasingly intertwined. Cotton is both strong and soft, the same as the couple, as they are learning how to be flexible and adapt to each other's needs.

The second year anniversary flower is Cosmos which symbolises the joy in love and life.

Garnet is the gemstone for this year. In ancient Rome, signet rings with carved garnets were used to stamp the wax that secured important letters and documents. To enquire about our garnet jewellery pieces please contact us at


Gift Ideas

  1. Make a day out of the celebration. Go to a carnival or funfair and have some cotton candy (candy floss)! 
  2. Get a comfy dressing gown with an added personal touch of a monogram or name embroidered on the gown. 
  3. Buy your spouse a t-shirt or jumper of their favourite sports team, band or movie.