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Silver is the most reflective metal used in jewellery.  The silver used in jewellery is 92.5% pure silver with the remaining 7.5% comprising of copper.  Once silver reaches this standard it is called Sterling Silver. The highest standard of silver is Britannia Silver which has a purity of 95.8% silver, but this is not used in jewellery as it is too soft.

Silver jewellery is generally rhodium plated to give the jewellery a whiter appearance.  

Please note that jewellery advertised as silverware jewellery is not solid silver, it is usually a non-precious metal plated in silver.  Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if silver jewellery is plated or solid silver because of the way it is marketed. Valdo Zeni use only 100% solid silver in their jewellery designs.  This jewellery design is only available at Brereton Jewellers.