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Star Ruby

Star Rubies are very rare and hard to find in today's market.  The colours of Star Ruby range from light pinkish red to dark purplish red with a star shape in it's centre. The cause of this phenomenon, called "asterism", are tiny inclusions in the gem which reflect light.  The rubies are cabochon cut, and it takes a skilled gem cutter to bring out the star in the gem.

A note from Paul Brereton, gemologist: The value of a star ruby is determined by three attributes:

1.  Colour:  The deeper the red, without any modifying colours like brown or pink, will increase the price of the stone.

2.  Crispness of the Star:  The clearer the star, generally a six pointed star, the more valuable.  Should the star be difficult to see or it requires strong direct light to be seen the less expensive the stone.

3.  Orientation of the Star:  Put simply, is the star to the centre of the stone.  If the star is located off-centre than the stone is worth less in the gem market.

Legend has it that Star Rubies bring good luck and keep evil spirits away. 

Sources: Burma (Myanmar), India. 

Hardness- 9 on Mohs scale

Toughness- Excellent apart from  stones that have repeated twinning or large fractures.  

From time-to-time Brereton Jewellers sources star rubies.  Please contact us at for information on our current stock level.