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Tanzanite is relatively new compared to other gems as it was discovered in Tanzania in 1962.  A vivid blue is thought to be the top colour for Tanzanite but it also comes in a stunning purplish blue to a magical midnight violet blue.  Tanzanite has become popular due it's unusual colour which displays different colours from different directions.

A note from Paul Brereton, gemologist:  Tanzanite have been in high demand over the past decade as it provides a less expensive alternative gem stone to sapphire.  Stones can be readily found up to 10ct is size.  Tanzanites have their own grading system. A grade signifies a pale blue/purple colour, AA grade is a mid blue colour, and AAA grade is the stones the have a intense blue/purple colour. 

Sources: Tanzania. 

Hardness: 6-7 on Mohs scale

Toughness: Fair to poor.  

Tanzanite is an alternative birthstone for December.

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