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Tenth Wedding Anniversary

Tin or Aluminium

All things must change with time. Tin and aluminium are the traditional anniversary gift for this year. They are flexible metals and will allow for changes to their structure. This is just like a ten year marriage that has proven it can adjust and adapt to the many changes that life will bring. These metals are symbolic of the long lasting resilience that is required of a successful marriage. 

The tenth wedding anniversary flower is a Daffodil. Daffodils gathered together in a flower bouquet can look stunning and are symbolic of all the beautiful memories you have gathered over the years.

Diamond is the gemstone for this anniversary year. We have a large range of diamond earrings, pendants, rings and bracelets. Most diamonds are formed more than a billion years ago, deep in the earth. The largest diamond ever found is not on earth, but faraway in space. The diamond is fifty light years from earth and is a 10 billion-trillion-trillion carat diamond. Lucy. After it was discovered in 2004, astronomers nicknamed the space diamond Lucy after the Beatles song 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds'.

To view our collection of Diamond jewellery please browse our website or call in store for a diamond consultation. Brereton Jewellers have specialised in diamonds for over 100 years. 

Gift Ideas

  1. Pick our some tins of paint together and celebrate change by decorating your home with fresh colours.
  2. Choose a beautiful piece of diamond jewellery to mark this special time in your lives.