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Twentieth Wedding Anniversary


China symbolises the beautiful and fragile nature of love. It is a reminder not to take your marriage for granted, but to continue to care for it so your love will grow. China is fragile but also durable and long lasting.

This year’s anniversary flower is an Aster. This flower come from the ancient Greek word star. It represents the brightness and celebration of your marriage through the great milestone that you as a couple have reached.

Emerald is the gemstone for this anniversary. The most desirable emerald colours are bluish green to pure green, with a rich colour saturation. Emerald is always identified with the richest greens. Ireland is the Emerald Isle. Seattle, in the US is the Emerald City. Legends say that the emerald was once believed to perceive the future when it was placed under the tongue. It was also thought to have the power to expose the truth and to protect against evil spells.

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1. New china bowel and mugs

2. A trip to China to celebrate two decades together