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A hassle-free planning guide for the months, weeks and days coming up to your big day.

12-16 Months Before the Wedding
This is the ideal time to begin your wedding plans. Start by looking at possible dates, ceremony venues and reception locations. Check the availability of  your desired ceremony and reception venues with your chosen dates. Keep in mine that some places may be booked far in advance.
One of the most important things in the planning of your wedding is your budget. Allocate money to each section. Things like flowers, bridal wear, accessories, transport, honeymoon, venue, and food. No newly wed wants to start their married life in debt.
Make yourself a timetable and keep a diary of everything. Dates of bookings, orders, telephone numbers, etc. Being organised will make everything run a lot smoother.
When you have the date and venue the next things are the photography and wedding music. If you want your first choice you will have to book far in advance.
Start looking at dress designs. If you are making or getting a dress altered to fit you may need to be ordering on average 8–10 months before the wedding to allow for manufacture and fitting.
8-10 Months Before the Wedding
With the plan in motion you should next decide the bridal party and prepare the guest list for the wedding with an even number of guests on both family sides. Start looking at bridesmaids dresses.
5-7 Months Before the Wedding
Finalise your guest list and wedding stationary and select the wedding cake.
Begin preparations for your honeymoon. Like your wedding, investing time in planning for this trip will be well worth it in the end. Also booking early may enable you to take advantage of low fares or hotel discounts. Consult a travel agent to discuss the best options available and shop around for the best prices.
4 Months Before the Wedding
At least three months before your wedding you are required under Irish law to inform the State of your marriage. This is the case whether you are having a civil or religious ceremony.
With less than four months to go you and your fiancé should start to shop for your wedding rings. 
Book the florist and decide on the floral arrangements.
2-3 Months Before the Wedding
Groom, groomsmen, best man and couples' fathers to choose their wedding attire. 
Arrange a time to take your pre-marital course, organise transportation for the wedding party and choose your wedding music.
Send our your invitations approximately six weeks before the wedding.
1 Month to go
Have a final dress fitting. Decide on hair and make-up style.
Confirm details with all your wedding service providers.
Call any guest who have not already RSVP’d and complete a seating plan.
1 Week to go
Make any last minute seating arrangements.
Try on your wedding attire and make sure everything fits correctly.
Confirm honeymoon reservations.
Arrange for payment of band reception, priest, etc.
The Day Before...
Go over your list of things to do make sure everything is in place.
Double check the best man has the rings.
Get a good night's sleep.
The Big Day
Have a good breakfast before getting ready. 
Arrange someone to check the ceremony venue and reception to ensure that everything is going according to plan.
Relax and enjoy this wonderful day and the start of your new life together!